From the Hands of Barnabas, Son of Encouragement

Here to encourage the youth of the world with the message of hope in Christ Jesus' death to forgive our sins and his ressurection to give us etrnal life.

Friday, November 25, 2005

WOW! SO AWESOME! ps im back.

Dudes today was freakin insane. I woke at 9 took a shower ate went to my friend Cody's for like 10 mins when to go pick up my friend Jim and hit guitar center at like 10:45 11 or so then we jammed there for till 12:30 i think cool dude we jammed in the accustic center for like 30mins straight we played I am free for some kids that Jim knew who stopped bye JonesyXV: by* we played I Am Free by Delirious acustic bass and all awesomeJonesyXV: dude 850 $ bass yah buts totally sweet we played that then went to taco bell for 20 mins met up with our friend James when over to Cody and James's church and jammed from like 12:45/1:00 till five then i played risk at my friend's house wit some friends home from college from 6-9 -Jones


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