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Friday, November 04, 2005

Its mos def has ben FOEVA

Well it has been forever. Since my last post. We've had a hurricane and aload of stuff happening. I am playin bass guitar and I got my SF dvd on Mon. Its so awesome. Becky (ma sweetie) has been by my side through everything rough and tough. and I try to do the same. She is awesome I love her to death. I'm staring to help a new friend Corissa she found my blogspot and she needs my help. So as Baranbas I shall with the help of God. all for now. lata


At Saturday, 05 November, 2005, Blogger Holli said...

Hey, it has been too long. I really wish I had not had rehearsal when you were on Long Island. It is great to know that you and everyone else are ok after the hurricane; you all have been in my prayers. Keep on shining for God and never let that awesome light go out. I love and miss you. MWA!


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