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Here to encourage the youth of the world with the message of hope in Christ Jesus' death to forgive our sins and his ressurection to give us etrnal life.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Well... Today was good.

Howdy yall, I'm back. I'm tired. Took a nap, it was good. Practice today was good. We got the whole song down, In the Secret with an awesome ending. Its cool. Hey Becky I know you read this often so I wanted to shout you. I'm thinkin' 'bout cha'. Well I'm not too sure what else to type and I'm still tired. Plus I think cody is awake now. He's gots to use the can. Adios.
God bless stay safe in faith and real in the ROCK, Christ Jesus,


At Saturday, 03 September, 2005, Anonymous Becky said...

hello there mr. jones. "in the secret" is one of my favorites. have fun at your friends bday outting! God bless and keep you always, love you much! hope we talk soon.


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