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Here to encourage the youth of the world with the message of hope in Christ Jesus' death to forgive our sins and his ressurection to give us etrnal life.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

TODAY!!! was goOod

Anyway wuts up to all my regular readers and new-comers. I have one of the busiest scheduelles in the world. Sun-Church at St. Mark's Lutheran in the morning and then play rehersal in the evening 6:30-9. Mon-is my only free day. Tues-Bibleclub after school; play rehersal 7-9. Weds-Youth Group/biblestudy 7-9. Thurs-Rehersal 7-9. Fri-my optional free day go see Rob at Calvery Chapel at 7. Sat-band practice at Griffen Rd Baptist Church where I play bass. 11:30-2 or so. That is not including the days of homework, and when I have to stay after school for the Literary Magazine and Newspaper. Plus I have to make time for SFers to call me. I love talking to SFers, especially Holli. I also love the talks Becky and I have they are amazing.
well im out. God bless,


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At Friday, 04 November, 2005, Blogger Real Me said... have no idea who i am. I was just going through reading your blog cuz I got bored. It seems your really interested in faith and religious. Maybe we should talk or something cuz I am too and I hate it when people think im coming on too strong.Just leave me a comment on my blog if you want to talk.



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