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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christian of the Year

I want to highlight one person in today's ramble. Becky Ells. If you do not know her you better. She is the most truest friend and Christian I have ever met. She by far has the biggest heart, and biggest mind for God in the worst of times when it really counts. Earlier this week I hurt Becky really bad. I was the biggest jerk anyone could be. She didn't do anything to deserve what I did. I just in a sense "dropped her like its hot" I abandond her and she felt like crap. She didn't do anything wrong she was just being the best friend she could be as a Christian. Becky somehow found it in her heart to forgive me for what I did, still love me for who I am, and wish me blessings on my next journey. That my friends is a real women of God.
I am to ashamed to say what I did. But it was the worst thing a friend could have done to a friend. In the midst of her grief she put aside what she felt and put in front of her God's will. That my friends is the meaning of Christianity and Christianity at its finest. God could not of made anyone better than Becky Ells. She is by far the strongest Christian I have ever been blessed to meet and have in my life. Becky I'm sorry. I want to thank you from the depths of my soul for what you as a true Christian and a true friend did for me. You are by far the better person between us. I love you for what you have done. I am eternally greatful nor will I be able to repay your act of kindness.
-Your friend in Christ our ROCK,


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