From the Hands of Barnabas, Son of Encouragement

Here to encourage the youth of the world with the message of hope in Christ Jesus' death to forgive our sins and his ressurection to give us etrnal life.

Friday, November 25, 2005

WOW! SO AWESOME! ps im back.

Dudes today was freakin insane. I woke at 9 took a shower ate went to my friend Cody's for like 10 mins when to go pick up my friend Jim and hit guitar center at like 10:45 11 or so then we jammed there for till 12:30 i think cool dude we jammed in the accustic center for like 30mins straight we played I am free for some kids that Jim knew who stopped bye JonesyXV: by* we played I Am Free by Delirious acustic bass and all awesomeJonesyXV: dude 850 $ bass yah buts totally sweet we played that then went to taco bell for 20 mins met up with our friend James when over to Cody and James's church and jammed from like 12:45/1:00 till five then i played risk at my friend's house wit some friends home from college from 6-9 -Jones

WOW! SO AWESOME! ps im back.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


not much to type but im update for my sweetheart becky. CHurch was good we talked last night for along time and im talkin to her now. she is so awesome. i love her so much. anyway. harevst festival at church was good. Casey Larsen won the pie eating contest which was fun to watch. well lata. God has been great lately as well. ok now im done. lol -kj

Friday, November 04, 2005

Its mos def has ben FOEVA

Well it has been forever. Since my last post. We've had a hurricane and aload of stuff happening. I am playin bass guitar and I got my SF dvd on Mon. Its so awesome. Becky (ma sweetie) has been by my side through everything rough and tough. and I try to do the same. She is awesome I love her to death. I'm staring to help a new friend Corissa she found my blogspot and she needs my help. So as Baranbas I shall with the help of God. all for now. lata

Friday, September 30, 2005

MosDeph Long time

Well long time indeed. This is for mss Ells Becky i love ya. sorry its been awhile. Well Got a bass guitar its shveet. its red and totally awesome. Got youth band tomorrow. but i want to talk about Becky in this. She is so amazing. She is my best friend she makes me laugh and she makes me smile. I know that she will forgive me no matter what and I know that she loves me no matter what. I believe i am falling in Love with Becky Ells my christian sweetheart of the yr. I love u beautiful. -Kj

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Well after all that

Anyway. After all that Mr. K changed the play rehersals from thurs to fri. So now we have practice sun, tues, fri. So now I shall retype my overly busy scheduelle. Sun-Church 10-12 and rehersal fro 6:30-9. Then Mon-my free day, Tues-rehersal 7-9; Weds-free day; thurs-youth group 7-9; fri-rehersal 7-9; sat band practice 11:30-2. I'm the Tinman in Wizard of Oz. S I'm working on my lines. Hoping I'll get a call from Holli this weekend sometime. Well gonnajump God bless.

TODAY!!! was goOod

Anyway wuts up to all my regular readers and new-comers. I have one of the busiest scheduelles in the world. Sun-Church at St. Mark's Lutheran in the morning and then play rehersal in the evening 6:30-9. Mon-is my only free day. Tues-Bibleclub after school; play rehersal 7-9. Weds-Youth Group/biblestudy 7-9. Thurs-Rehersal 7-9. Fri-my optional free day go see Rob at Calvery Chapel at 7. Sat-band practice at Griffen Rd Baptist Church where I play bass. 11:30-2 or so. That is not including the days of homework, and when I have to stay after school for the Literary Magazine and Newspaper. Plus I have to make time for SFers to call me. I love talking to SFers, especially Holli. I also love the talks Becky and I have they are amazing.
well im out. God bless,

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Youth Group tonight alright. I cant wait. Love you Holli call me when you can. I hav Youth Group 7-9 and play rehersal from 7-9 on thurs but fri we'll see. Love you. and to all my SF people. Keep it real and live the life God has called you too. Let your faith to the walking as well as the talking.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

We got parts today

Wel we had our first reading for the play we are doing at my church the Wizard of Oz. I am either going to be the Tin Woodsman or the Scarecrow. For all yall whom know them Casey is the Lion, and Vanessa is a munchkin, and David Malone is the Guardian of the Gate of the Emrilled City. It ought to be awesome. For all you Crosswave Youth group people Youth Group has been moved to Weds not Thurs.
-Holli I love you much MUWAH!!!

Monday, September 12, 2005

I talked to my wife

I got to talk to Holli!!! ::jump jump jump:: I missed her uber much. I just have to say it I LOVE HER!!! Well I'll talk more later. ILOVE YOU HOLLI.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

I'm back

Hey all I'm back. For those of you who didn't know I was gone thats fine. The Blog server was down when I tried to publish my last post on Fri night. So It didnt get through. However Night of Joy was awesome. Kutless was there, TobyMac, Newsboys, Stellar Kart, Tree63, SuperChick, and some others as well. It was good to get back into the spiritual mood. I might make phone call to Will see how he is doing. and maybe Holli as well check up on the wife you know. lol. Well thats it for now.
God bless,

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Christian of the Year

I want to highlight one person in today's ramble. Becky Ells. If you do not know her you better. She is the most truest friend and Christian I have ever met. She by far has the biggest heart, and biggest mind for God in the worst of times when it really counts. Earlier this week I hurt Becky really bad. I was the biggest jerk anyone could be. She didn't do anything to deserve what I did. I just in a sense "dropped her like its hot" I abandond her and she felt like crap. She didn't do anything wrong she was just being the best friend she could be as a Christian. Becky somehow found it in her heart to forgive me for what I did, still love me for who I am, and wish me blessings on my next journey. That my friends is a real women of God.
I am to ashamed to say what I did. But it was the worst thing a friend could have done to a friend. In the midst of her grief she put aside what she felt and put in front of her God's will. That my friends is the meaning of Christianity and Christianity at its finest. God could not of made anyone better than Becky Ells. She is by far the strongest Christian I have ever been blessed to meet and have in my life. Becky I'm sorry. I want to thank you from the depths of my soul for what you as a true Christian and a true friend did for me. You are by far the better person between us. I love you for what you have done. I am eternally greatful nor will I be able to repay your act of kindness.
-Your friend in Christ our ROCK,

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hey I go again on my own.

Well its 9:15 give or take. Listening to some classic Cream. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker are awesome. These guys know how to rock and Clapton sure knows how to solo like no other. Well except maybe Hendrix, but I could give you list of insane guitar players so I will. Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Santana, Joe Perry, John Petrucci, Tom Morello, Angus Young and there are others that I cannot name for some reason. Feel free to comment on some I may have missed. But anyway yeah I learne the bass line to Who Knows by the Band of Gypsies with Jimi Hendrix. I do not remember if I said that already. Come to think of it I probably did so feel free to comment on that too. I found this awesome Devo that I did I power point on which I no longer have but its awesome I'm gonna go get it. Be right back. Its in Philippians 2 and its really good.
In other news Becky, I found this awesome sheet I have on how to pray. Does not God deliver or what. He is amazing and I try and thank him every chance I get. Thank you Lord for this sheet of paper it is what I needed. It is on How to pray God's word and it will get me more into his word as well. I believe that is all I have for now so comment if you want or if you must.

Today Sunday

Well church was good today. Got to really talk to God and get myself back on track. Labor Day is awesome. Three day weekend. Learn the bass line for the song Who Knows by the Band of Gypsies with Jimi Hendrix. Its awesome. God and I really talked. I'm gonna try and clean my room later and make an online Devo to sent out to yall SFers about Romans Chapter 1. There is more in there than you think. You'll see when You get it. What else can I say or shall I ramble on about something else. O well I'm running out of things to write except what I am typing no ad previous to this word here. Anyway, I think that is it for now. Remember if you are a child of God act the part let your faith do the walking for it says in Habakuk 2:4 -"but the righteous will live by faith"

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Well... Today was good.

Howdy yall, I'm back. I'm tired. Took a nap, it was good. Practice today was good. We got the whole song down, In the Secret with an awesome ending. Its cool. Hey Becky I know you read this often so I wanted to shout you. I'm thinkin' 'bout cha'. Well I'm not too sure what else to type and I'm still tired. Plus I think cody is awake now. He's gots to use the can. Adios.
God bless stay safe in faith and real in the ROCK, Christ Jesus,

Today's Agenda

Well I see your back. Welcome to another reading of what comes from my bain to my hands and consequently into this blog. The day's agenda eat shower go to band practice at Griffen Road call the mum. Let her know I am indeed alive. Anyway, band practice you say. "Your in a band?" yes i play the bass at Griffen Road Baptist Church. So if that answers your question. Good. Plus I'm in a band with Cody thats just him an I. Well time to eat. Adios.

Friday, September 02, 2005

This space is my space

Greetings all readers new and old. Here is my new blogspot. Couple things I want to talk about in this first entry. One that is important and most recent. I recently sent an email to a group of people ranking on and how bad it is and how people have it run there lives and thier priorities get messed up. Juls sent me an email in reply saying how I over reacted , which I did but it was a hyperbole-exaggeration for the sake of emphasis- then she went on to say that some people Sfers were turned off by the way I present my faith in everyday conversation.
This is where things turned trying. People had told her that I make them feel infirior when I quote scripture pretaining to life's situation that I or that person are going through. She also told me that I was almost shoving God in people's faces. People who already have God. She basically said I was overbareing. For another reason as well. When I talk to christians no matter who you are I will ask this one quetion. "How's your walk?" Juls commented on those people didnt like it and it was too abrupt and people werent ready to answer. Christians I mind you are ready to answer how their walk with God is.
I believe it is cleared up now after much help from Teske and Becky Ells. She is my darlin I tell you that. In the end this is my answer to this insightful accusations. This is my last sent email to Juls.
I just want to get some things straight. I dont always say I'm praying for someone. In all honestly my prayer life is very slow and it is something I need to work on. I also dont remember the last time i said I was praying for someone. To Jen Gallaher yes because i know her situation. I also dont see whats wrong with asking how people's walks are. Have you ever asked someone how's life? Im pretty much asking the same question. So that question involves God so what. Yes life with God can get complicated but so can life without him even more so.
If it seems abrupt well just about every question is abrut when you ask it. You can only ask one question in one moment of time. Sure some questions are more abrupt than others for instance if I mother asks her teenaged daughter "So have you and youy boyfriend have sex yet?" yeah that is very abrupt and the wrong way of asking the question. but either way the question is the same. Have you had sex yet? You can just get around it by sugar coating it. Friends shouldnt sugar coat things for friends they should tell it like it is. If they have a problem with me walking my walk what can I do. I am living my faith the best I can and I talk about my faith especially with others who share in that faith with me.
If they feel that way i cant help that honestly I dont see any problem with asking how people's walks are or quoting scripture for life situations. I take your insite say to heart and I dont want to hurt anyone but the fact of the matter is God comes before all of you anyway and if people just cant deal with that then maybe they should rearrange some priorities. I just dont care if they have a problem with God in my life and how I talk about him. Thank you for you thoughts I consider them greatly and they have helped me greatly as well.
This is pretty much all I have time for today. God bless you and keep you in his grip and in his arms of Love through his Son our Savior, Rock, and Lord.